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The team are still waiting for the arrival
LA PAZ, Aug. 27 (Xinhua) -- Bolivia's national soccer team worked a double shift on Saturday to adjust and define the team that will face Peru on Sept. 1 in the Hernando Siles Stadium in La Paz for the seventh match in the World Cup Russia 2018 Latin American qualifiers.

Bolivia's coach, Angel Guillermo Hoyos, said it is necessary to get the most out of the little time available before the match to in order to define the game plan and the members of the team that will face Peru.

"What we are trying to do is change the mysticism of winning in the heights of La Paz. We can't allow more defeats at home, we are betting on the best players that we have, regardless of their age and if they are nationalized. The aim is to win," said the Argentinian.

Unlike his predecessor, Bolivian Julio Cesar Baldivieso who appealed to young players in order to shape a renovation within the team, Hoyos has called upon experienced, nationalized players and even some that had already decided to leave their national side.

The player for China's Changchun Yatai, Marcelo Martins, who joined training on Saturday, is featured in the list of experienced players which also includes names such as Ronald Raldes, Pablo Escobar and Walter Flores.

The training session that took place on Friday in the Siles stadium was focussed on marking. The coach explained step-by-step how he wants the players to mark the opposition in the upcoming qualifying matches.

The main points that the players worked on during the training included tactical movements both with lines of three and with four defenders at the back, as well as how to relieve roles in counterattacks.

Out of the 25 players that Hoyos has called upon for the two upcoming qualifying matches, 23 are already under his leadership, including Yasmani Duk and Bruno Miranda, who both play for teams abroad, are the first "foreigners" to be included.

However, earlier today, Gualberto Mojica's forced withdrawal from the team due to an injury was announced.

The team are still waiting for the arrival of Swedish-born Bolivian Martin Smedberg-Dalence from Swedish side IFK Goteborg as well as Carlos Lampe who is currently playing in Chilean soccer. The two remaining players are expected to arrive between Saturday and Monday.

Bolivia is currently placed in second last position in the World Cup qualifiers with just three points which were won during Bolivia's only victory in La Paz against Venezuela. Venezuela is currently in last place with just one point.

After playing against Peru in La Paz, Bolivia will visit Santiago's National Stadium five days later to go up against Chile.?

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15 Jan : 08:38
Smutny ... Wzajemnie, i również Życzę powodzenia w tym roku w życiu prywatnym/zawodowy
m, dużo Zdrowia!

15 Jan : 08:38
Witam tych, którzy jeszcze tutaj pozostali, choć od pewnego czasu obserwuję to aż mnie zabolało, że forum się tak osunęło. Szok Bardzo szkoda mi go, co za id*oci się rejestrują że to zniszczone niemal

02 Jan : 20:04
I tym optymistycznym akcentem, życzę udanych projektów i najlepszego w Nowym Roku. Oczko

01 Jan : 20:45
Oczywośie nie żywie do Ciebie pretensji a wręcz podziwiam że sam zostałeś tak długo. pozdrawiam.

01 Jan : 20:44
romek_xx wiem obserwuję regularnie forum i widziałem twoje walki i że ostałeś się chyba sam wśród moderacji, po prostu przykro mi iż forum z którym wkraczałem w świat elektroniki zaginie ;( Oczywiśc

26 Dec : 21:45
R3miX: cd:...Poszukaj jak nie wiesz gdzie i nie masz jak ich znaleźć. Ja jak mam za frajer szukać? wolę głupoli na YT oglądać. Czasem bywało że usunąłem SB a jutro było to samo. Bez sensu walka

26 Dec : 21:44
R3miX: Chcesz poświęcić 2-4 godz. dziennie za free na czyszczenie spamu? Ja nie mam żadnej pomocy, taki liyijing46 ma 159, jkelley3 -95, scott154 -157. I wielu innych czasem ponad 1000 postów na forum

17 Dec : 22:03
straszne na polskim forum żeby przeczytać trzeba używać translatora i te tematy ?

12 Dec : 21:26
Nikt ostatnio nie moderuje i bałagan się robi ;(

12 Dec : 19:06
co się dzieje z eresem ?

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